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Coldrain - Discography [PORTABLE]

Coldrain (コールドレイン, Kōrudorein, stylized as coldrain) are a Japanese rock band from Nagoya, Japan, who were formed in 2007. The band combines melodic singing with screams typical of the post-hardcore genre.[1] Although the band is Japanese, all of their songs are written in English. The lineup consists of lead vocalist Masato Hayakawa, guitarists Ryo Yokochi (Y.K.C.) and Kazuya Sugiyama (Sugi), bassist Ryo Shimizu (RxYxO) and drummer Katsuma Minatani. Hayakawa has a Japanese father and an American mother and speaks both Japanese and English fluently.[2][3]

Coldrain - Discography

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After the disbanding of the bands Wheel of Life (RxYxO, Sugi and Y.K.C.) and AVER (Masato and Katsuma),[4] Coldrain was formed on April 17, 2007, in Nagoya with Masato Hayakawa on vocals, RxYxO (Ryo) on bass guitar, Katsuma on drums, and Y.K.C (Yokochi) and Sugi on guitars. The common musical interest of the members was one of the decisive factors in the formation of coldrain. Once, when AVER and Wheel of Life first co-debuted on stage, and AVER heard Sevendust's song played during Wheel of Life's rehearsal, an excited Katsuma asked RxYxO, "Don't tell me you're a fan of Sevendust as well!?"[5] Thereafter, each time they interacted, they wanted to form a new band together. RxYxO was originally doing vocals, but became a bassist because of coldrain.[5] The band gained their first followers from performing as a local band in their home-town while distributing demo discs after each performance.

About a year after coldrain formed, they signed a major contract with VAP,[6] and the band released their debut maxi single "Fiction" on 5 November 2008. They then set off for their first nationwide tour and played in 30 venues across Japan.

On 30 November, coldrain announced they would be in the studio from December to February to record their third studio album with David Bendeth.[24][25] On 2 March 2013, they performed at Megaport Music Festival in Kaohsiung for 5,000 people, along with many other artists such as Grizzly Bear, Cyndi Wang, Boris, Head Phones President, SiM, LTK Commune, Guntzepaula and Chochukmo.[26][27] Shortly afterward, on 17 April, they released their third full-length album, The Revelation.[28][29] On 5 May, the band held the opening date of The Revelation Tour in Chiba, Japan, at the same location where they performed during Ozzfest on 12 May.[30]

On 21 February, they announced release of the DVD The Score 2007-2013.[32] On 18 January they recorded a live show called "One Man Show Evolve" for their second DVD, Evolve,[33] which was released on 30 April of the same year.[34] The album was also available on Blu-ray Disc, for the first time for the group.[35]During the same period came the news that coldrain would be performing at Rock am Ring, Rock im Park and Download Festival 2014[36] in June 2014.

On 9 April, the announcement came that coldrain had signed a contract with the American-based label Hopeless Records for a new edition of their third studio album, The Revelation, which would be released worldwide (except Asia, New Zealand, and Australia) for the first time.[37] On the same day Hopeless released the eponymous single, "The Revelation".[37]

Early in the morning of 20 March 2016, coldrain was involved in a bus crash while traveling from their recent stop in Texas to the next scheduled concert (support of "Silverstein 2016 USA Tour") in Oklahoma.[52][53] They reported that no one was hurt, but they had to cancel their show in Tulsa as they had no means of transport to get there.[54] In the summer, coldrain embarked on a tour across the United States (playing at Monster Energy South Stage) as a part of Vans Warped Tour.[54][55][56]

On 26 July 2017, Coldrain announced a new album to be called Fateless,[58] it was released on 11 October 2017 worldwide.[59] The limited edition of the album features a live CD with coldrain's 10-year anniversary performances in their hometown Nagoya.[60][61] One of the songs, "Feed the Fire", was used as an opening theme of the anime series King's Game The Animation.[62][63]

On 29 September 2018, a sequel to the popular video game Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs. was announced, with the release date slated for 30 October 2018.[69] Alongside this, coldrain announced a new song titled "Revolution" which was to be the main theme for the game, released on 12 December.[70] A music video for the song was released on 25 January 2019. Just a few days later, on 30 January, Masato Hayakawa announced that he was returning to the studio with the rest of the band to record a new album to be released later on in the year.[71]

Early in its career the band played songs that sounded like alternative rock and especially like post-hardcore,[1][147] accompanied by guitar pieces reminiscent of classic metalcore[131] and thrash metal riffs. By their third album, The Revelation, coldrain's music came to be defined as a mix of post-hardcore and metalcore.[147] According to other critics, certain influences instead recall genres like pop punk and screamo,[131] and the band has been likened to groups like My Chemical Romance, Pay Money to My Pain,[1] Asking Alexandria, Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows, Bullet for My Valentine[131] and A Day to Remember. Masato Hayakawa himself has stated Linkin Park and Incubus to be his biggest influences to start recording music.[148] When Y.K.C, the main composer of the band, was asked about songwriting, he said, "It is essential not to forget 'why a song is cool', the song itself needs to have holding power, and only then is there meaning. That's what I try not to forget when composing."[149]

Coldrain (コールドレイン, Kōrudorein?, stylisé coldrain), est un groupe japonais de metalcore, originaire de Nagoya. Formé en 2007, le groupe mêle chant mélodique et hurlement typique au genre post-hardcore[2].


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