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Christopher Morgan

IZotope - IZotope Insight 1.02 VST X86 X64 [UPDATED]

it would be a shame to end this review without looking at a few more of the features inside insight. we've also been working on an in-depth sound on sound article on this tool, which will include the listening tips and tricks as well as in-depth study of the various matrix meters and its use for stereo and mono compatibility. if you need any more information on using insight, check out the user manual first, and if you're still stuck, you can always contact us here at studiotips, we'd be happy to help out with any questions you might have regarding this plug-in. other than that, have fun exploring the plug-in!

iZotope - iZotope Insight 1.02 VST x86 x64

audio jungle , tw o n creative's latest offering, we take a look at a very simple, but effective, multi-tool for checking a mixes overall dynamics. with the new fx controls, you can affect the flow of the effect by sliding a small bar on the side to place it further into the mix or out. there's a minor difference between the range of the bar and the red or blue line, these lines also allow you to place the effect exactly where you want it to be, making this a good tool for getting the optimum placement of effects. this is also the first version of insight to offer a guide slider for the compressor/limiter, something that's very useful for when you want to place an effect exactly where it should be. the other reason why we found this tool so useful is that sometimes, when using a number of different effects, your results can get washed out quite badly. so, with this tool, it allows you to restore the initial loudness of the mix. so, if you're a newbie and need to use it on all of your projects, it's very easy to use. this is also great for those who use various effects in a home studio and constantly need to be moving around, so they don't get that muddy sound. lastly, it has a duration limiter as well, something that's especially great for those who work with pro avs like dvd, for example.


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