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Robotium Recorder License Key Cr

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Robotium Recorder License Key Cr


There are many automation tools for Android available, and choosing one can be a difficult task. Robotium is a popular Android automation framework for testing native and hybrid Android apps using the black box method. Licensed under an Apache 2.0 license and first released in 2010, Robotium has strengths and weaknesses just like any other framework.

Bot Runner - This is a kind of machine which is used to run Bots. By using Bot Runner, there is a possibility to run the Bots parallelly. To run any of the Bot, one must have a Run license. The bots are returned to the control room if there is any failure in the middle of the Process.

For desktop applications, Screen Recorder and Smart Recorder can be used. While for web applications, Smart Recorder and Web Recorder can be used. Screen Recorder is considered as best for Capture Mouse Click and Keystroke Operations. This recorder includes operations such as Click, moments, Click and drag, and Insert Keystrokes. These activities are largely used for desktop; hence that is why it is suitable for desktop applications. Smart Recorder is primarily used for capturing window objects such as coordinates, object properties, and the image Playback mode. That is why it can be used for both desktops as well as web applications. Web Recorder is capable of extracting data from the website. Web recorder also functions based on the provided URL. That is why it is considered best for Web Applications.

Some open source automation testing tools There are many options to test any type of software. Some tools are available as open source while some are licensed, for which one has to pay before use. The first choice of any organisation is always for open source tools as they are free of cost. But there are certain limitations associated with these tools, due to which some firms opt for licensed tools. Table 1 lists some open source tools that are being used to test various types of software applications.

Appium GUIFootnote 13: is a project which provides a graphical user interface (GUI) for Appium. There is an inspector which can tell information about the objects on the screen and also a recorder that can record and replay Appium tests. Table 2 summarizes the aforementioned main application testing tools.

The type of machine used to run Bots is Bot Runners. Bot Runner makes it possible to operate several Bots at the same time. An Operate license is required to run any of the Bots. If there is a failure in the middle of the process, the bots are returned to the control room.

Some risks involved in Automation testing:1. Tester needs a programming language to write scripts.2. 100% test coverage may not be achieved using automation tools.3. Starting cost is high in case of license product.4. Unstable UI and requirements.5. Changes in test environment.


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