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[S7E21] Requiem For A Dream

Prophetic dreams about the mysterious fourth coffin lead Bonnie and Elena to a surprising source, while Tyler seeks help to break free from Klaus' bond so he can be with Caroline. Alaric's new friend Dr. Fell has a secret no one sees coming, and Stefan's interference in Elena's life reveals something that surprises even him.

[S7E21] Requiem for a Dream

Elena and Katherine both dream that Stefan is in danger and convince Damon to help them find him. But their plans are thwarted by a mysterious woman who seems to know everything about Stefan's past and Damon's disturbing future.

Stefan and Elena experience unsettling dreams of the life they might have had together. Bonnie has a disturbing encounter with Grams. Enzo searches for a woman he loved decades ago. Bonnie learns that Jeremy is working with Liv. Matt has a terrifying encounter with inhabitants of the Other Side.

The transfer of Rayna's life also turns Bonnie into a huntress, who must turn on all her supernatural friends, but fights that, hating only Damon, by inducing herself in a deep sleep, merely slashing in nightmares. So the vampires try to intrude her dreams and find a way out. Caroline sends Alaric home and goes first, but not only fails, she actually gets marked up as fatal target. Nevertheless, Enzo and the brothers take the same risk, to little avail. Sheriff Matt has his own mission. 041b061a72


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