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Gintama Episode 66

Vol. 66 comes with a bonus DVD, which features the second episode of an OVA that revolves around the Aizen-kou arc which takes place in chapters 492 to 496 about a strange smell that causes people to fall in love with the first person they see.

Gintama Episode 66

So, this was a surprising turn of events. We finally get some backstory to one of our favorite Gintaladies, Mutsu. Oh and I guess Sakamoto was there too. On this episode of the podcast, we gush about chapters 477-480.

Crunchyroll is streaming the Gintama' special event anime that premiered at the Jump Special Anime Festa 2015 tour in November. The Jump Special Anime Festa event tour also screened a one-episode Gintama' special in 2014. An event anime of comedy shorts debuted at the Jump Festa 2005 event.

On this episode of Life Lessons, its our third anniversary, and King Recon comes on the show once again to help cover Chapter 66 of the manga, in which the Odd Jobs get a new neighbor. Afterwards, Colton talks about Lesson 66 in the Life Lessons segment, followed by an Anime/Manga Comparison segment of Episode 47 of the anime.

The official website for Gintama, the ongoing third TV anime adaptation of Hideaki Sorachi's Gintama manga series, today announced that two-episode OVA based on the manga's popular "Aizen-kou" arc, which included in the 55th tankobon volume (492nd to 496th episodes), are in the works for 2016 releases. The comedy episode tells troubles caused by a love incense called "Aizen-kou" which makes people fall in love with others, no matter how much he/she hates the person, and the main character in the episode is Tsukuyo affected by the power.

This will be one of the last episodes of the anime, and I am super excited to see the anime end. Bloom Lordmon is the one who is guarding this strange world. Why is he there, and what is happening all around? We will get to know all that, but not so soon.

We will have to wait a bit before seeing all that mystery unfold. There are only two episodes left, and fans are worried whether they will get to know more about Gulusgammamon. I think we will, as he was behind the death of Rafflesimon. 041b061a72


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