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How to Create Amazing Embroidery Patterns with Crack Drawings 4 Embroidery

i have arranged the pieces to create a kind of chronology of various themes: death, war, religion, customs, and trade, the interplay between the east and west. i have also placed these works in categories of style: follies, old world, folk art, islamic, tribal, ancient, and contemporary. i have even placed them in categories of medium: paintings, drawings, portraits, objects, and embroidery. there are over 100 works in the show. what is most important is that these artworks are not just different from each other, but they all come together to tell a story. i hope that when you view them you will feel that you are looking at history, and that you will learn something new. i hope that you feel that you are part of a long chain of people who have come before and will come after you. and that each one of them is important. because, just like us, we are all in this together.

crack drawings 4 embroidery

the first embroidery i ever did was in kijabe, kenya in 1994, when i was a teenager. it was an embroidery of the color of the leaves in a tree, in the shade of a tree. i created a repeatable design so it would be easy to stitch in a big piece. this is the oldest piece i have, dating from 1998, when i was 16. i was so happy to get the results back. it was my first graduation project. i sent it to my mom. i was so excited to show her my embroidery. when i told her the results, she was so proud. this is another one from kijabe, in 2001. it was the year i got married. i made this piece for my husband to wear on his wedding day.

i have been busy working on designs for this piece that i will finish soon. i have been working with a variety of groups of women in new york, but also the next time i visit los angeles, i will bring all the embroidery with me.


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