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A Separation (2011) HD 1080p - How to Stream or Download This Award-Winning Film

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A Separation 2011 Br Rip 1080p Movies Torrents


As with the other movies, this Atmos track remains true to its original front-heavy design, except that there's a bit more consistency in the surrounds and rears. Several ambient effects bounce around between the sides and overheads with convincingly directionality and placement while other atmospherics subtly echo all around, like the blimp and airplane sequences. Adding to a satisfyingly immersive soundfield are Williams' classic motifs spreading all around and above the listening areas, sure to keep viewers engaged and in the middle of the moment. On top of that, the extra-breathing room displays a cleaner and better-defined mid-range, exhibiting superb warmth and separation in the upper frequencies. With a broad and expansive soundstage thanks to a variety of background activity effectively moving into the off-screen space, dialogue reproduction is precise and crystal clear from beginning to end. Like the other two, the low-end adds a weighty response to gunshots, explosions and cannon fire, supplying a welcomed sense of presence to the visuals. (Audio Rating: 90/100)


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