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What is the meaning of football betting odds?

If you're a football enthusiast, you've probably come across football betting odds. Let's delve into these terms in-depth in this sidebar.

Explanation of terms in Asian Handicap betting

Handicap betting / odds in soccer tip to win betting: These are the odds set by the gaming platform for a match.

Handicap Bet: Also known as Asian Handicap, this is the Asian handicap betting odds.

ODDS: This is the conversion rate of betting money.

Above Bet: Betting based on the favored team, indicating the upper hand.

Under Bet: Betting on the team given a handicap, indicating the underdog.

Win Full: Winning the entire bet amount

Lose Full: Losing the entire bet amount

Win Half: Winning half of the bet amount

Lose Half: Losing half of the bet amount

HT (Half Time): The first half of the match

FT (Full Time): The entire duration of the match

ET (Extra Time): Extra playing time

PEN: Penalty kicks

Running Bet: Predicting while the match is in progress

Level Handicap, Draw (l/l): This is a draw bet, typically taken with full-game or half-time handicap bets. The odds for this type are evaluated by the gaming platform to consider both teams as equally matched, without a favored or underdog team highlighted. On the betting board, both teams are not bolded like other betting odds.

¼ Bet: This is a 1/4 handicap bet, meaning if the match ends in a draw, the favored team loses half of the bet amount. Conversely, the favored team receives winnings based on the handicap if they win by at least one goal.

¾ Bet: If the match ends in a draw, the favored team loses all the bet amount. If they win by a one-goal difference, the favored team wins half of the bet amount based on the handicap. If the underdog team wins, they win the entire bet amount.

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Explanation of European handicap terms Not as complex as Asian handicap rules, European handicap rules do not involve one team handicapping another. When betting on a match, players only need to know whether it will win, lose, draw, or the over/under. The team assessed as stronger will have lower winnings, and vice versa. Note: Handicap betting does not involve betting on specific scores.

Some terms in European play: 1×2 ratio: European handicap betting odds

1: Predicting the home team to win

2: Predicting the visiting team to win

x: Predicting a draw between the two teams

1x: Predicting the home team to win or draw

2x: Predicting the visiting team to win or draw

European handicap bets are calculated using European Odds (Decimal Odds)

Explanation of game betting terms Game terms in football betting

(Over, O abbreviation): Players win the bet only when the number of goals scored in the match is greater than the predicted ratio set by the gaming platform.

(Under or Un, U abbreviation): Players win if the total number of goals in the match is less than the betting ratio set by the gaming platform.

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These are some basic football betting terms. You can also check out 10 ways to learn soccer for beginners!


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