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Christopher Morgan

Hack Facebook Password Using Hydra

Note: You will notice that you may get multiple results depending on your network. This is normal and not a vulnerability of Hydra. The target host will likely have multiple servers and each server will go through the same process as the others. You should find one specific target.

hack facebook password using hydra

Using BurpSuite, I made the defaults the picture below. I then selected the target host and the standard port used for Facebook. I would recommend that you have default and custom values in place for every attack you do. If the default was set, I would likely change the values to the custom setting. This will help you to see the target more clearly.

You may notice the go back button and the Go back to the options tab option. I would highly recommend NOT using these options. BurpSuite has an option for this, and it is much easier to do. Simply click the . in the top left corner of the main window and click Brute Force.

if i am correct, i will have the correct password. if i am not correct, i will know my list was not correct. if i do not, the word will be replaced with a question mark. i will then update my wordlist with the correct word and try again.

the first thing i will do is to try the word at the beginning of the request. i am assuming that the word is not present in my wordlist. i will just try it and if the server responds with the word is already in the list, then i will have a positive result. if not, i will add the word to my wordlist and try again. the good thing about this is that it is very fast. i will only need to add the word to my wordlist once i find it. now if i do find it, i will have the correct password.


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