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Sales Chinese New Year !LINK!

Morgan (guitar, vocals) and Shih (guitar, programming) formed the band in Orlando, Florida after the longtime friends had been recording music together on and off for several years. Their latest musical project, SALES, is based on vocal and instrumental improvisation as well as sampling.[1]

Sales Chinese New Year

Steam is ditching its annual Lunar New Year sale next year, opting instead for a new spring sale. That means the digital storefront will now have sales for all four seasons, and Valve have also outlined the dates for the next three major sales events.

Valve outlined the news in a post on the Steamworks blog. "The addition of a Spring Sale was a popular request from our developer and publisher community," reads the post. "It will allow us to create more space between our four major seasonal sales and provide more opportunities throughout the year for developers to expand and execute their discounting calendar."

The first spring sale will happen next year from March 16th to March 23rd. That's three full sales away, however. First up is the autumn sale from November 22nd to 29th, and then the winter sale from December 22nd until January 5th.

Steam's Lunar New Year sale was introduced in 2016 as the storefront experienced an influx of developers and players from Asia. Lunar New Year takes place in January, however, which means there wasn't much time between it and Steam's winter sale the month before. "We think many publishers will still opt to discount games around the Lunar New Year holiday, using the custom discount tools," says Valve's post. "But we suspect customers will be better served by a little bit more time between the big Steam-wide seasonal sales."

The festive season has always served as a piece of cake for online sellers. Among such eCommerce feasts comes Chinese New Year, a tradition that marks the beginning of a New Year according to the Chinese lunar calendar. So, as an online seller are you ready to be a part of this shopping spree and sell on Chinese New Year sales?

Popularly known as Chunjie (Chinese for the Spring Festival), Chinese New year marks the end of the coldest days. It is one of the biggest traditional festivals celebrated in East Asian countries like Malaysia, China, Singapore, the Philippines, North, and South Korea.

Yes!! There is no doubt that the Chinese Lunar year has been the biggest source of income for sellers in South East Asian Countries. Sellers associated with Online marketplaces like Shopee, Lazada, and Aliexpress desperately wait for this grand opportunity.

Since a great chunk of sales comes through international sellers its profitable for sellers to try creative ways of selling products via Cross Border and Dropshipping to Earn more this Chinese New Year.

There is an ongoing tradition of Chinese New Year the Zodiac year of birth which is a 12-year cycle of the Lunar calendar. Each year is specified by an animal pertaining to the zodiac sign. This means that this year will be a Zodiac birthday of people born in the years 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023.

The first step, to begin is by cleaning their homes. Not only is this a necessity but also an old tradition. Cleaning the house symbolizes sweeping off the misfortune away thus welcoming the new year with good fortune.

Similarly, Chinese New Year has great significance for decorations. The whole town is painted in a red festive spirit with big decorative lanterns hanging all around. The color red symbolizes good luck, and therefore there are bountiful red color decorations used during the Chinese new year.

Last year ( the year of the Tiger ), there was a huge demand for TIger merchandise. Goods like Tiger printed t-shirts, shoes with small Tiger embroidered on them, Tiger pillows, Tiger keychains, were sold in bulks.

To sum it all up we can conclude that the Chinese New Year sales is the biggest annual carnival that portrays Chinese tradition and heritage. This 15-day long shopping carnival can easily be molded into the biggest selling opportunity for online sellers.

Continuing its reputation for putting on some noteworthy sales, Steam has begun its latest event with a celebration of the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Rabbit. Since its inception almost 20 years ago, Valve's gaming storefront has gone on to dominate the digital market. Gamers from all over the world use the platform to purchase and download many AAA titles, but the service is also useful for finding PC games that have lower hardware requirements or have a more indie background.

On top of that, there's 30% off the action RPG Sword and Fairy 7 by Softstar Technology. In short, there's more than enough in the sale for all gaming tastes. While most people often think of summer and winter as being the biggest events that Steam offers, there are always other or smaller sales that occur throughout the rest of the year. It's one of the reasons why the service is one of the most popular when it comes to PC gaming.

Andrew is a freelance writer from the UK who's been contributing to Game Rant since 2021, but has also written for Rock Paper Shotgun and PCGamesN. Approaching 40 years old, he has practically grown up with the video game industry as we know it today, beginning his adventures with the likes of the NES and Game Boy before moving onto the Sega Genesis (or Mega Drive as it was known in the UK). Currently, Andrew is sticking with his Xbox One and laptop, though he's in the market for an Xbox Series X.Favorite games include: The Elder Scrolls series, classic FPS games like Doom, Quake, and Half-Life, Streets of Rage 2, the original Sonic installments (1-4). Actually, there are way too many games to reel off here. This list could go on forever.Oh, he does have a particular penchant for horror, especially the Amnesia series, Outlast, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Alien Isolation, Phasmophobia. Basically, anything that has the potential to make him sweat.

This year, Pattern has leveraged its expertise on local marketplaces, such as Tmall and, to take advantage of the changing Chinese New Year shopping behaviour, helping some of its brand partners achieve 500% year-over-year sales growth during the period.

Driven by the government-business joint effort, physical retail sales during the 2021 Spring Festival period also saw a noticeable rebound, as official data shows that total revenue made by key companies in the retail and catering categories stood at RMB 821 billion (USD 127.1 billion) during the 2021 Spring Festival, rising 28.7% year over year and 4.9% higher than pre-pandemic sales in 2019.

While Chinese marketplaces still reserve this non-stop fulfilment service to the most highly competitive brands on their platforms, Pattern has helped our partners secure this offer. Thanks to the fulfilment advantage at this Spring Festival, we saw some of our partners yield exciting results of more than 500% in sales growth compared with the same period last year.

Thanks to the convenience of the ecommerce ecosystem, the hottest selling items are getting more and more diversified. For example, in 2021 Alibaba found that the sales for floor-sweeping robots, window cleaning robots, and floor washing machines increased by 100%, 300% and 1,800% respectively, year-over-year, as younger shoppers often bought such gadgets as a gift for parents.

The song "Chinese New Year" by SALES is a reflection on the changing times, embracing growth and progress. It highlights the importance ofreflecting on the past and recognizing that it can be difficult to break away from old patterns while still allowing ourselves to move forward. The lyrics reference both joy and sorrow associated with the passing of time and memories associated with the previous year. The chorus encourages listeners to embrace the potential of the Chinese New Year and take action to make a change in their lives. The refrain expresses a desire for a new beginning and a distancing from the pain of the past. The verse emphasizes that although there may be struggles and pain, good can come out of them, such as the joy of falling in love. The song is a reminder that the future is full of potential and that life will go on, even if it may be difficult at times.

Sales promoters working at the fair told CNA that they had been anticipating higher demand this year, following the removal of social restrictions after nearly two years of caps on household visitors and group sizes.

The Asian market -- and China in particular -- is of increasing importance to Apple and its Red Friday sale, which originated last year, is a sign of that. There are no details yet as to what deals will be had, but last year the deals included 8 percent off iPads and 10 percent off iPod touches, plus a HK$770 discount on MacBook Airs, MacBook Pros and iMacs.

Travel and consumption in China have experienced a rebound in the first few months of January as people enjoy the first Chinese New Year (CNY) period without COVID-19 restrictions in three years.

Long-haul and outbound travel in particular saw major increases in bookings thanks to the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, including the removal of the quarantine requirement for inbound travelers on January 8. According to Ctrip, overall overseas bookings during the CNY period increased by 640 percent year-on-year. Of this, both overseas hotel bookings and cross-border air tickets increased four-fold from the same period in 2022.

According to data from Dengta Database (灯塔数据库), which tracks box office sales in real-time, box office sales (including presales) during the 2023 CNY holiday ( January 21 to 27) had reached RMB 6.6 billion (approx. US$972.9 million) as of 5:23 pm China time on January 27. This exceeded the RMB 6.04 billion (approx. RMB 890.4 billion) recorded over the entire CNY holiday in 2022 (January 31 to February 6).

This yearly increase remains more or less the same when including the weeks leading up to CNY. Box office sales from January 7 to 5:40 pm China time on January 27, 2023 totaled RMB 7.3 billion (approx. US$1.1 billion), versus RMB 6.7 billion (US$987.7 billion) in the same period in 2022 (January 17 to February 6). 041b061a72


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