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The Last Of Us - Season 1

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The first season of the television series The Last of Us premiered on HBO on January 15, 2023, with the episode "When You're Lost in the Darkness", and ended on March 12, 2023, with the episode "Look for the Light".

Soon, they reach an area set up with medical tents. Joel recalls that shortly after the outbreak, he ended up in a similar location and reveals that he attempted to commit suicide after Sarah's death. Ellie consoles him, Joel admitting his time with Ellie has made him feel like life was worth living again. The mood tense, he suggests they read some more puns. While doing so, a smoke bomb lands at their feet. In the resulting blast, three men grab Ellie and another knocks Joel out.

On January 6, 2023, Craig Mazin stated that, "The first season is the events of the first game and you can tell, if you have played the game, from watching the marketing materials that we're also covering the events of the downloadable content. I think that the amount of story that remains that we have not covered would be more than a season of television. So assuming we can keep going forward, the idea would be to do more than just one more season. But this isn't the kind of show that is going to be seven seasons."[33] Mazin also hinted that in future seasons, viewers could see side stories from The Last of Us Part II, one in particular he hinted was the Seraphite Prophet.[34]

On January 22, 2023, it was stated that the flashbacks to the outbreak aren't the only change that fans of the game would notice. The timeline has been shifted so the outbreak happened in 2003 (rather than the game's 2013), with the post-apocalyptic narrative occurring in 2023 (instead of 2033). Because the game took place the year it came out, Mazin and Druckmann agreed that the chronological repositioning made sense since it didn't fundamentally change the story, "Practically speaking, it didn't change much other than giving us a slightly different palette of props, set design and car choice. Interestingly, as we go on through the series, we keep finding new places and new relics of the old world, [always] coming back to that 2003 vibe."[38] Also on this day, it was announced that The Last of Us scored HBO's second-best debut of the last decade on Sunday night, with 4.7 million viewers tuning in for the premiere.[39]

On January 23, 2023, according to measurements by Nielsen combined with first-party data from Warner Bros. Discovery, episode 2 brought in 5.7 million viewers across linear airings on HBO and streams on HBO Max. That marks a 22% increase from last week's record-breaking 4.7 million, a number that Warner Bros. Discovery later reported had already jumped to 10 million after two days of availability. Per HBO, the jump from the initial premiere viewership to Episode 2's debut audience is the "largest week 2 audience growth for an HBO Original drama series in the history of the network.'[40]

"Long, Long Time", the series' third episode, was filmed in September 2021. Moreover, Peter Hoar stated that the last shot of the episode lingers on the window, and in reality two things were going on with that shot. When you play the original game there was a menu screen, and it was a window with a breeze. That's where you select "play game' or whatever. There was this discussion with Craig where that might be something that we try and emulate, we would put it at the beginning of every episode. I think it was a gimmick really about if you're on HBO Max, you could see it and click on it, and then you watch that.[54]

HBO's The Last of Us has concluded its first season, and audiences are reeling after everything they experienced throughout the first nine episodes. Joel and Ellie's journey throughout post-apocalyptic America was long and arduous, and the suffering they endured at the hands of humans and Infected alike was far from forgiving.

Since The Last of Us Season 1 just finished airing, it'll be a while before Season 2 premieres. Big-ish news about production on Season 2 came straight from Pedro Pascal's mouth at the end of February. In an interview with Collider, the star was asked about when HBO would start shooting Season 2. While he's not the authority on The Last of Us' shooting schedule, he did say, "Yes, there is a chance, yes," that Season 2 will begin filming this calendar year. Given that morsel of information, if production and release was consistent with Season 1, shooting would end slightly less than a year later in 2024, and the season would air about six months later.

Without having played the game, it's hard to say who will appear in The Last of Us Season 2. After all, the episodes released thus far have killed off our new favorite characters one after another. But it's safe to assume that Pascal's Joel and Ramsey's Bella will return for a second season. Fans of the game are also discussing potential casting for Abby, a key figure in The Last of Us Part II.

Tonally, obvious comparisons can be made to The Road, but The Last of Us rarely reaches the levels of unrelenting bleakness that Cormac McCarthy's novel nor its subsequent film adaptation did. For each helping of the macabre, there's a small measure of levity or glimmer of light. The Last of Us may present itself as a hopeless world but over the course of a season it reveals plenty that's worth fighting for, and in that regard is more reminiscent of Alfonso Cuaron's Children of Men in both its themes and visual identity. Low-saturated greys, greens, and browns occasionally make way for bursts of flame or the flash of gunfire. Bombed-out cities still present flickers of life and echoes of a civilisation worth saving, with both stories ultimately coming down to the successful smuggling of a young woman and the powers of love and the human spirit when combating mother nature's cruelest will.

The best adaptations don't just imitate their source material but aim to enrich for those familiar with it, while also acting as an entry point for those who aren\u2019t. HBO's The Last of Us does exactly that: a brilliant retelling of one of video games\u2019 most beloved stories that rebottles the lightning of what made it so special to many in the first place, letting it strike again to stunning effect. Thanks to a pair of phenomenal lead performances and a beautifully executed vision of what it is to find hope and love in a world hellbent on denying it, The Last of Us thrills from the first episode to the last.

Ellie, who could easily have been reduced to a plot device, is the charismatic heartbeat of the show, simultaneously reminding Joel of what he\u2019s lost, and filling him with a sense of purpose not felt since his darkest day. Love lost is a throughline of the series, but more critical to The Last of Us is the pseudo-paternal love found between the two. Bella Ramsey is simply electrifying as Ellie, effortlessly shifting between delicate vulnerability, youthful excitement, and determined power. She\u2019s a true revelation and deserves all the credit in the world for making her mark on a character whose previous interpretation has been so firmly ingrained in people\u2019s minds. She\u2019s dynamite from the offset, but Ramsey goes from strength to strength in step with Joel and Ellie's relationship as the season progresses.

The show is at its best when allowing itself room to breathe, and it\u2019s in these pockets that The Last of Us often shines brightest. Yes, seeing recreations of pivotal scenes from the game brought to life offers its own sort of thrill, but it\u2019s most exciting when exploring less trod paths \u2013\u00a0 a case best exemplified by the arrival of Nick Offerman's Bill. He\u2019s a character given incredible new depth as one handwritten note from the game is expanded into the season's best hour of television. A heartbreaking account of love being found in a world that all too often tears it apart, it's a special story elegantly brought to life through tender performances.\u00a0

Visually, The Last of Us is often a sight to behold, even when the camera is pointed at firmly ugly subjects. Details like old paint scabbing over walls and fungal veins crawling across floors sweep convincingly through most buildings. Vast landscapes paint pictures of classic westerns, especially as the seasons change and snow carpets the ground. But while The Last of Us is a great-looking show, it\u2019s in its audio that it particularly excels. Distant cries and nearby clicks often echo scarily through scenes in a world so quiet that any sound can be alarming. The original score is also superb, as familiar refrains from Gustavo Santaolalla\u2019s iconic soundtrack sing in harmony with original pieces that pulse and drive their way through some of the more action-heavy moments.

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