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Corner Betting – How to Play Like an Expert

Players are already very familiar with simple bets like European, Asian, or Over/Under bets. This is why more and more new forms of betting are emerging to increase the excitement of football matches. Corner bets are one of these new forms. So why not change up your usual strategy and try corner betting? This new form of betting is sure to make the game more interesting.

Understanding Corner Bets

Corner bets, often called "corners," is a relatively new form of online betting. With this type of bet, you don't need to wait for the match's outcome to see which team wins or loses or what the score is. The focus here is on predicting the number of corner kicks awarded by the referee in the match you are watching.

In this type of football betting, depending on the nature of the match, the characteristics of each team, the strength comparison between the two teams, and the specifics of the tournament, reputable betting sites will set the number of corner kicks and the corresponding odds for each type of bet. Typically, the number of corner kicks in each match ranges from 10 to 12. Players can use this estimated number to make their betting decisions.

Reasons to Play Corner Bets in Football Betting

Corner bets have become popular for several reasons, even though they are not the main form of betting. Here are some reasons from win tips bet that might convince you:

  • Independent of Match Results: Corner bets do not depend on the match result or the final score and are less influenced by the teams' strength.

  • Simplicity: The way to play corner bets is very simple. Players can quickly grasp the rules just by reading through the basics.

  • Variety of Bets: There are many sub-bets within this category, such as Over/Under corners, first or last corner, next corner, etc.

  • Higher Winning Odds: In corner bets, the odds of winning are higher compared to other football bets. Players just need to understand the match, team formations, and analyze some data to participate in corner bets and look for winning opportunities.

  • Flexibility: You can place bets at any time during the match or choose multiple betting options to increase your chances of winning. The winning odds for corner bets can be as high as 1:100.

Types of Common Corner Bets

Before starting to play any betting game, it is important to understand the basics of that game. Now that you know what corner bets are, let's learn about the common types of corner bets.

Full Match Corner Handicap:

  • In full match corner bets, the bookmaker will set different handicap odds depending on the nature of the match, the tournament, and the characteristics of each team. Players need to choose the stronger team (favorite) or the weaker team (underdog). The betting result depends on the total number of corners and the handicap to determine win-loss.

Over/Under Corner Bets:

  • Also known as Corners Over/Under, this type of bet predicts the total number of corner kicks in a match. Similar to the Over/Under goals bet, this is based on the total number of corners by both teams. If the number of corners is above the set number, Over wins; if below, Under wins.

1x2 Corner Handicap:

  • This bet type is similar to the 1x2 match result bet. Specifically, there are three main options: Win, Draw, and Lose, each with different winning odds set by the uk bookmaker list.

Odd/Even Corner Bets:

  • Odd/Even corners predict whether the total number of corners in 90 minutes will be odd or even. "Odd" means an odd total number of corners, while "Even" means an even total number. For example, if there are 8 corners, Even wins; if 9 corners, Odd wins. This bet type has a 50-50 win-loss ratio.

Aside from these, you can also try first corner, last corner, next corner, or no corner bets. Each bet type has its own characteristics and excitement.

How to Effectively and Accurately Bet on Corners

To accurately bet on corners today, tips and experience play a crucial role. Here are some tips you can apply to your betting strategy.

Analyze Each Team:

  • It's essential to analyze and understand each team's strength in detail. Key information to look at includes form, tactics, style of play, attacking and defensive quality. This analysis will help you make accurate predictions about the match dynamics. Typically, the stronger team will win more corners.

Bet at the Right Time:

  • The best time to place your bet is at the start of the match, as players are in good physical condition and often play their best to score by attacking the opponent's goal. The stronger team is usually expected to win the first corner. For the last corner, pay attention to the team needing a goal in the final moments. Matches with fewer first-half goals often have more dynamic second halves, increasing the number of corners.

Bet Based on Match and Tournament Characteristics:

  • Teams needing goals will attack more, and teams needing to improve their standings will do the same. Quick-attacking teams tend to have more corners than those playing cautiously. Generally, European matches or matches involving European teams focus more on attacking than Asian matches.

Choose the Right Tournaments or Matches:

  • Select tournaments or matches involving teams with a high number of corners. You should choose high-corner tournaments like those in England or Australia and use corner statistics to find high-corner matches. Conversely, some tournaments like the German second division, the Argentine championship, and the Russian league have low corner ratios.

The above information from wintips aims to help you understand corner bets and tips for betting on corners. To effectively participate in betting, players need to invest time in gaining knowledge and experience. Besides, luck also plays a significant role in this type of betting. Good luck and may you win many bets!


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