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[S1E7] Cracked Actor ##TOP##

First, Wanyudo asks Ayaka if she felt like confessing to her sins. Ayaka back sasses him and is informed that she would go to hell if she doesn't confess. Not wanting to go to hell, Ayaka tries to act her way out. However, a Bunraku puppet representing her true self interrupts her acting, scaring Ayaka herself, causing her to mess up her "apology". Both Ren and Onna gives her a hard time by saying she's messing up the scenery, it was nothing if she didn't speak from the bottom of her heart, and her acting was terrible. Ayaka begs that she could do better. Suddenly, Ayaka is turned into a type of puppet and her arms are pulled off after she is repeatedly shaken and pulled. However, it wasn't real. Ren stops the play in disgust and Ayaka is surrounded by Ai's assistants and urged to stop acting and be her true self. At first, Ayaka tries to tell them that this was the real her, but they weren't buying it. So she confesses, telling them she didn't care about acting and that she worked hard on acting to get what she wanted. She then bragged about how she could be whatever or whoever she wanted to be. The interrogation ends with Onna asking Ayaka if there was a real Ayaka within her. Ai appears on stage, wearing her kimono, says her lines and tells Ayaka that it was time to die. Ayaka awakens on Ai's ferry-boat. Ai tells Ayaka that her performance was a masterpiece and it was something an actor would die for. Ayaka is ferried to hell, satisfied. Later, Kurenai Theater Studio is seen being closed down by Midori who walks away sadly and Kaoruko is seen lying on her bed with the fire symbol tattooed onto her chest. A candle with her name is placed in a row with the other users of the Hell Link as Ai states: "Your grievance shall be avenged."

[S1E7] Cracked Actor

Erin's homelife left her restless and aching for connection. Unfortunately, she found that with John during a family reunion. John, another serial actor. In his case, cheating is his go-to for comfort, and lying comes naturally.

Dayo Ade (born 1972) is a Canadian actor who has appeared in several television shows and films. His most notable role was in the Degrassi teen drama franchise, playing Bryant Lester "BLT" Thomas in Degrassi Junior High (1987-89) and Degrassi High (1989-91). More recently, he is known for his roles in series such as Workin' Moms.

I think the performance was pretty great and I enjoyed the scenes (even after the heel turn I was still okay with the acting even if the writing fell down after that), but at the end of the day, felt weird to me that a progressive show touted the casting but then had the role be a liar whose game was literally switching identity. Too clever by half. A disservice to the actor and the story.

I thought I might actually scroll though all of the comments without seeing some nonsense and possibly homophobic comment about casting a trans actor. But alas, as I got to the bottom of the webpage, here we are.

Martin Sheen: You know, there was a survey done and all of us, all the players, were interviewed and we were asked, confidentially, who we thought the best actor on the series was. As long as we were assured it was confidential we all gave our opinions, which would not be made known until after the series ended. Without a dissenting opinion, the entire cast voted Allison the very best among us. She didn't know it and none of us knew that we'd all voted for her, but she was considered the very best.

In loco, they found that the origin of the distress was a walking nuclear superweapon that had gone haywire. Captain Atom attempted to drain its energies but it was overwhelming, and he was knocked out. He then blamed John Stewart's injury on Green Arrow's refusal to work as a team, which escalated the tension between the trio. Afterwards, Captain Atom offered himself to personally shove carbon rod dampers into the flaming giant's reactor, fully aware that if could endanger his own life.

When Captain Atom was near the reactor, the creature shot him down, breaching his containment suit and causing him to blow up. Captain Atom was seemingly destroyed, much to the distress of fellow recruit Supergirl. However, following the deactivation of the machine by Green Arrow, Captain Atom's sentient energy was re-collected into his new containment suit.[1] He would quickly return to active duty.

Below, the actor reveals secrets behind the most challenging scene he ever filmed, the one thing he wished for his character that never came to fruition, and what to expect from his new role in the third season of HBO series Westworld.

Child attacked the Tower, easily destroying it. Zatanna cast a spell of protection just in time to prevent Fate, the students or herself from taking any serious harm. Fate attempted to confront Child, but was knocked out by Flaw. After Child and Flaw left, Zatanna ran to Fate, concerned for her father. She was shocked to see the Helmet of Fate was cracked.

After learning about the draining spell, Edric and his sisters try to warn their parents about it, unaware that their mother already knows and does not care about the harm it will cause. Odalia finds them and grounds the siblings after Edric and Emira try to burn down the factory. They are later freed by Luz and her friends, but he and Emira are caught and get grounded again.[11] However the twins manage to escape but are soon cornered by The Collector's Spies. They flee and Edric falls down an empty well and breaks every bone in his body on the rocks at the bottom. They then seek shelter at Hexside. 041b061a72


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