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Grupo de Sarcoma de Partes Moles

Público·90 membros

1000x1200 Cream Wallpaper">

Bold and romantic, the Bouquet wallpaper from Graham & Brown is reminiscent of a Victorian still life watercolour painting. The heady delight of a flower garden at dusk is presented in warm autumnal hues, illuminated by rich cream undertones. Layered roses, peonies, aquilegia and nigella flowers burst into life in a dazzling array of delicate rose-tinted shades across textured fibrous paper.

1000x1200 Cream Wallpaper">

A vintage suzani pillow, as shown here, in shades of blue, cream, orange and green, looks fresh mixed with a navy velvet lumbar with orange tassels. A little more unpredictable? Add a geometric pillow crafted from a vintage Japanese obi. So much personality! 041b061a72


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