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Through The Wormhole 1080p Tvsl

The Doctor tells the passengers that the bus has passed through a wormhole into a different world, proving this to them by throwing a handful of sand into the space behind the bus. The sand causes a rippling effect in the air. The same man who eyeballed the rhondium detector points a finger at the Doctor and demands to know if he used it to make the bus end up in the desert. Annoyed for receiving immediate blame from a human on a bus and having dealt with the animosity of the Midnight incident, the Doctor doesn't keep to himself again. Instead, he comes clean and says he was tracking a hole in reality that suddenly grew big and the bus drove into it. He elaborates that the other end of the wormhole was in the tunnel on Earth. Among the passengers is Carmen, who has been hearing mysterious voices since Christina got on. The bus driver announces his desire to return to Earth, and promptly runs through the wormhole, accompanied by the Doctor's, "No, don't!". The other passengers of the bus witness the driver's skin and tissues incinerating, before he disappears into the wormhole with the same rippling effect as the sand.

Through The Wormhole 1080p Tvsl

After watching the bus driver's death, the Doctor sums up that the metal of the bus protected them from the same fate as the driver when they passed through the wormhole (like a Faraday cage, as Christina states).

The Doctor explains to the passengers on the bus that they went through the wormhole by accident, but Carmen tells him with some surprising knowledge that it was a doorway put there for a reason. Her husband Lou notes she has had a gift of foresight since she was a girl which has helped them make small wins on the lottery. The Doctor deems Carmen a low-level psychic and theorises the alien sun has amplified her abilities. He asks her if she can see anything. She foretells, "Something is coming, riding on the wind and shining." When asked what she means, she answers, "Death. Death is coming."

Nathan and Barclay dismantle part of the bus's upholstered seats and bring them to the Doctor, who wants to wedge them beneath the wheels of the bus like duckboards. This will give the wheels enough traction to throw the bus in reverse and back through the wormhole. Using experience from trips to the Kalahari, Christina has them air out the tyres slightly to improve it further by giving the bus some extra grip, as its weight is more distributed. When Barclay is distressed over how deep the wheels will run, Christina produces a fold-up spade from her rucksack to begin digging them out, then a small axe for Nathan to unearth the seats more quickly. This piques the Doctor's curiosity, but he is distracted when Angela asks for a key to get the bus running. The Doctor informs her the bus doesn't use keys, just a master switch and stop and go buttons. She follows his instructions and attempts to start the bus. The engine cranks and coughs, but fails to get going. Christina and the Doctor pop open the 200's hood to find it gummed up with sand. Christina asks if anyone has experience with mechanics, and Barclay states he does. He is assigned the task of stripping the air filter. The Doctor wanders off, causing Christina to chase after him. Unbeknownst to them, they are being watched from a monitor by a creature with insectoid hands.

The group sets back to digging the bus wheels out from the sand in order to enable them to move it back through the wormhole. The Doctor and Christina set off to explore the area. They find that the storm from earlier has grown closer. The Doctor takes a snapshot of the storm on Barclay's phone to send to Malcolm for further analysis. From what he and Christina can tell, it looks like a massive sandstorm sweeping across the planet towards them, glinting in the sun as if made from metal. On the bus, Carmen shudders as her visions tell her these things are a storm that devours. At the same time on the dunes, the Doctor and Christina are found and captured by a fly-like alien who holds them at gunpoint with a blaster.

Their argument buys the Doctor precious time. He is able to make the bus lift out of the sand and into the air, flying back through the wormhole to Earth. However, the swarm is hard upon its heels. The tense stand-off between Captain Magambo and Malcolm is defused when a soldier tells her the bus is safely through, but they are not out of danger. Three of the stingrays have followed the bus through the wormhole; furthermore, if they don't close the wormhole in time, the entire swarm will come through and devastate Earth.

Interested in scooting through a wormhole, the ultimate cheat-code through space and time? Perhaps you'd like to hop from star system to star system across the universe without breaking a sweat? But first, you'd better make sure your wormhole is traversable.

John Crichton was an astronaut and theoretical scientist in his 30s around the time he was shot through a wormhole. He was setting out on the space shuttle to test a theory with his childhood friend, DK, while his proud father (Jack Crichton), who was also an astronaut in his younger days, watched. However, due to a scientific phenomenon he had not anticipated, the experiment resulted in Crichton traveling through a wormhole to a distant part of the galaxy, and he eventually found himself on the run aboard Moya with a collection of aliens who eventually become his allies and friends.[1]

John finally had the chance to test his and DK's theory. However, during the test flight, a wormhole appeared and John and his module (named Farscape One) are pulled through it to parts unknown. On his sudden exit from the wormhole, in the middle of a spaceship dogfight, Tauvo Crais - the brother of Peacekeeper Captain Bialar Crais - clips Farscape One's wing with his spacecraft, causing Tauvo to lose control and fatally collide with an asteroid. Crichton then found his craft being pulled aboard a large spaceship, where he met his first aliens. Confusion was his initial reaction and even after the aliens injected him with translator microbes, allowing him to understand what they were saying, he was still bewildered. He eventually learned that he is aboard a bio-mechanoid prisoner transport vessel named Moya, a Leviathan, which has been taken over by its three prisoners (Zhaan, D'Argo and Rygel); they brought him aboard because they assumed his sudden appearance was deliberate and they might be able to utilize such technology to facilitate their own escape. Despite Crichton being unable to help them, they managed to escape.

Towards the end of Crichton's first cycle aboard Moya, he encountered a mysterious alien race known only as the Ancients. It was this encounter that first gives us a window into Crichton's life back on Earth, as The Ancients tried to fool Crichton into thinking he had returned to his home planet with his new alien friends in tow. Crichton eventually saw through the simulation but this encounter proved to be one of the most important events Crichton experienced during his time in the Uncharted Territories. Shortly after this event, Crichton displayed his exceptional, perhaps eidetic, memory, easily confirming a set of lengthy and complex commands that Aeryn remembered due to the brief time she had Pilot's DNA merged with her own. Later Crichton found himself captured by a Sebacean-Scarran hybrid Peacekeeper by the name of Scorpius. Scorpius put Crichton in a device called the Aurora Chair, which was a torture device that painfully forced victims' memories from their minds and onto a projection screen. During this torture both Crichton and Scorpius were surprised to discover that The Ancients left Crichton with some subconscious wormhole knowledge that they intended as a guide to help Crichton get home. But Scorpius had an obsession with wormholes and after Crichton escaped with a little help from his friends, Scorpius took over from Bialar Crais as the main antagonist for the approximately the next two cycles, hunting Crichton across the galaxy.

After Crichton's experience with the Aurora Chair on the Gammak Base, he started to have hallucinating visions of, and eventually entire conversations with, Scorpius. He learned that while he was prisoner in the Aurora Chair, Scorpius injected a neural chip into his head that contained a neural clone of Scorpius, which Crichton would dub "Harvey", and had been slowly influencing Crichton and searching through his memories in an effort to discover the hidden wormhole knowledge. Possibly as a result of the neural chip or his continued absence from Earth and being chased through the galaxy, but more likely as a result of a combination of both, Crichton's behavior during this cycle grew more erratic and unpredictable and he found himself taking to the life he had aboard Moya more and more. It must be said that a lot of his acceptance of his position was due to his feelings for Aeryn Sun(see below). Towards the end of this time period, the control of the neural clone started to get stronger and stronger and at times Crichton had trouble controlling his own body. This eventually led to the clone finally taking control and the clone-controlled Crichton escaped Moya, and eventually killed Aeryn in a dogfight while trying to fulfill the imperative of returning Crichton to Scorpius. An attempt to find a surgeon to remove the chip ended in disaster, for while the surgeon is eventually successful, the mission resulted in Crichton being left with aphasia on the operating table as Scorpius arrived, stole the neural chip and attacked the surgeon in an attempt to kill him.

As he demonstrated many times, John Crichton was a man of principle and conviction and was prepared to risk and sacrifice himself and his friends (provided they were willing to help) for what he believed in. When one of the "twinned" Crichtons died while preventing Furlow from selling wormhole knowledge to the Scarrans, the other risked everything by taking his friends onto Scorpius' command carrier. When he finally made it back to Earth, he voluntarily gave up the happiness of a life on Earth that he had longed for since he was shot through the wormhole. Shortly after he left Earth, he once again risked himself and his friends, this time to stop the Scarrans from obtaining wormhole technology. However, there was one thing more important to him than his principles and his beliefs, and that was Aeryn Sun. His love for her proved to be his ultimate driving force.


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