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Xilinx Parallel Cable Iv Driver For Mac ((BETTER))

When using XILINX JTAG software like Impact, Chipscope and XMDon Linux, the proprietary kernel module windrvr from Jungois needed to access the parallel- or usb-cable.As this module does not work with current linux kernel versions (> 2.6.18) a library was developed,which emulates the module in userspace and allows the tools to access the JTAG cable without the needfor a proprietary kernel module.

Xilinx Parallel Cable Iv Driver For Mac


The library uses libusb to access USB devices and theppdev interface to communicatewith parallel cables. The parallel part currently only supports Parallel Cable III mode (and PCIV inPCIII compatibility mode) as the faster PCIV modes use another kernel module which is not emulated bythis library. So you are limited to a 200kHz JTAG clock when using Parallel Cable IV with this software.The USB cable is supported at full speed.

News2008-03-26: Xilinx has released their own drivers based on libusb with ISE Design Suite 10.1.To use them, you need to set the environment-variable XIL_IMPACT_USE_LIBUSB to 1before running the tools. The driver on this page no longer needs to be preloaded if you only usedit to access USB cables. Parallel port support still seems to rely on windrvr, which can beemulated by libusb-driver.

Using 32-bit ISE 10.1 on a 64-bit platform: When using the 32-bit JTAG tools from ISE DesignSuite 10.1 on a 64-bit machine, the tools will not connect to the cable but output the followingerror: Cable operation is not supported when running the 32-bit version of the application on a64-bit platform.To fix this, run the tools with linux32 or preload the newest 32-bit version oflibusb-driver. This will lead the tools to believe that they are running on a 32-bitplatform and allows them to connect to the cable.

2009-05-31: ISE Design Suite 11.1 now uses Xilinx's libusb-based drivers as default, withoutthe need to set XIL_IMPACT_USE_LIBUSB. If you want to use this driver with ISE 11.1 for USBcables and disable the builtin support for libusb, you now have to set XIL_IMPACT_USE_LIBUSBto 0 (export XIL_IMPACT_USE_LIBUSB=0 or setenv XIL_IMPACT_USE_LIBUSB 0).For parallel cables Xilinx still relies on windrvr. This library works fine with parallel cables andISE 11.1 with no need for windrvr.

The home-built JTAG programmer described here relies on the host PC having a parallel port. If your PC does not have a parallel port then you will need to use a device such as the Amontec JTAGkey (see also JTAGkey CPLD programming) or other Xilinx compatible USB programming device. The official Xilinx USB programming cable is the Platform Cable USB II.

Besides building the PCB for the project, two cables are also required. A 14-way ribbon cable with a IDC connector on each end is required for connecting the programmer to the target CPLD or FPGA board. A cable for connecting the programmer to the PC parallel port is also required.


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