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Kps Design Studio 2010 33

For photographers, the endless search for the perfect camera bag is evasive. Finding the right tripod head is not much better. And if you are looking for a geared tripod head with an eye towards using it outside of the studio, the choices are slim indeed.

Kps Design Studio 2010 33

Prolotherapy for knee osteoarthritis has not been compared with other current therapy, including intra-articular corticosteroid and hyaluronic acid injections. Determination of clinical utility of prolotherapy will require confirmation in a larger effectiveness trial that includes biomechanical and imaging outcome measures to assess potential disease modification.38,39 Clinical trials designed to optimize dose and assess biological mechanism of action are also warranted.

The brothers were at their prime during the revolutionary period of politics and artistic experimentation in Moscow when there was a shift from the illustrator-as-creator to the constructor-as-creator or nonlinear-narrator-as-creator.[2] In the visual language of the constructor or constructivist, the Stenbergs and other graphic designers and artists assembled images, such as portions of photographs and preprinted paper, that had been created by others.[2] Thus, the Stenbergs and others realized wholly new images (or compositions) which were no longer about realism. As a result, graphic design as a modern expression eschewing traditional fine art was born in the form of the printed reproductions of collage or assemblage.

On May 3, 2010 Swann Galleries sold the Stenberg Brothers' poster for a run of performances by the Theatre Karmeny de Moscou in Paris in 1923 for an auction record price of $9,600. The poster is the only one by the Stenbergs ever produced for use outside of the Soviet Union.

In partnership with the Alabama State Council on the Arts, the Alabama League of Municipalities, the Arts Education License Tag Advisory Committee and Goodwyn, Mills & Cawood, DesignAlabama hosted its 6th Annual DesignAlabama Mayor's Design Summit at the Legends Marriott Capitol Hill in Prattville, Alabama. The intense day and a half workshop partnered five Alabama mayors with six design professionals from in and outside of Alabama to work in a roundtable environment to create tangible solutions for design and planning challenges facing their communities.

Five Alabama mayors were hand selected in the fall of 2010 based on interest and leadership to attend the event. Other mayors selected to attend included: Mayor Ryan Blalock of Abbeville, Mayor Charles Murphy of Robertsdale, Mayor Thomas Tartt of Livingston and Mayor George Evans of Selma. Each mayor prepared a presentation focusing on their community and a specific design/planning issue which they were seeking some innovative and creative ideas to solve. The issues brought forth ranged from downtown redevelopment, ways to create moderately priced income housing, to the connectivity of streets throughout a community.

The design professionals helping each of these mayors included Joy Foy from the Mississippi Development Office, Christian Rushing from Kennedy Coulter Rushing & Watson of Chattanooga, Mary Shell of the Alabama Historical Commission, Ben Wieseman from KPS Group, Inc. and Jim Byard, director of the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs. Cheryl Morgan of the Auburn University Urban Studio served as moderator during the two day event. The participants will also be listening to brief talks from Mayor Jay Jaxon of Eufaula and David Preziosi from the Mississippi Heritage Trust.

Decorating your store or restaurant for Christmas creates a cozy servicescape designed to incline customers to buy. Unglued adds their usual over-the-top style to their Christmas window display, making customers more drawn to their store.

Would you drink a Pumpkin Spice Latte in the summer? Ice-cold lemonade in the winter? My guess is probably not. Some flavors and textures are designed for specific seasons. Caribou Coffee created a seasonal menu to provide customers with fitting flavors for ultimate customer satisfaction.

With different countries facing multiple waves, with some SARS-CoV-2 variants more deadly and virulent, the COVID-19 pandemic is becoming more dangerous by the day and the world is facing an even more dreadful extended pandemic with exponential positive cases and increasing death rates. There is an urgent need for more efficient and faster methods of vaccine development against SARS-CoV-2. Compared to experimental protocols, the opportunities to innovate are very high in immunoinformatics/in silico approaches, especially with the recent adoption of structural bioinformatics in peptide vaccine design. In recent times, multi-epitope-based peptide vaccine candidates (MEBPVCs) have shown extraordinarily high humoral and cellular responses to immunization. Most of the publications claim that respective reported MEBPVC(s) assembled using a set of in silico predicted epitopes, to be the computationally validated potent vaccine candidate(s) ready for experimental validation. However, in this article, for a given set of predicted epitopes, it is shown that the published MEBPVC is one among the many possible variants and there is high likelihood of finding more potent MEBPVCs than the published candidates. To test the same, a methodology is developed where novel MEBP variants are derived by changing the epitope order of the published MEBPVC. Further, to overcome the limitations of current qualitative methods of assessment of MEBPVC, to enable quantitative comparison and ranking for the discovery of more potent MEBPVCs, novel predictors, Percent Epitope Accessibility (PEA), Receptor specific MEBP vaccine potency (RMVP), MEBP vaccine potency (MVP) are introduced. The MEBP variants indeed showed varied MVP scores indicating varied immunogenicity. Further, the MEBP variants with IDs, SPVC_446 and SPVC_537, had the highest MVP scores indicating these variants to be more potent MEBPVCs than the published MEBPVC and hence should be preferred candidates for immediate experimental testing and validation. The method enables quicker selection and high throughput experimental validation of vaccine candidates. This study also opens the opportunity to develop new software tools for designing more potent MEBPVCs in less time.

Recently, many novel multi-epitope-based peptide (MEBP) vaccine constructs (MEBPVCs) against Spike Protein and or multi-targets of SARS-CoV-2 that causes COVID-19 disease have been designed using in silico approaches. Rahmani et. al., 2021, proposed a trivalent (multi-target) MEBPVC that contains new components such as an intracellular delivery agent (TAT) and synthetic epitope (PADRE) in addition to conventional components such as adjuvants (β-defensin 2), the predicted epitopes, and linkers to boost the immune response24. The novelty in Saha et. al., 2021 publication is dual-purpose epitopes i.e., each epitope predicted is a B-Cell derived T-cell epitope with a fixed size of ten amino acids. In other words, each predicted epitope triggers a response from both B-Cells and T-Cells simultaneously. This approach keeps the size of MEBPVC small yet efficient, keeping the titers high from both B-cells and T-cells25. Similarly, Khairkhah et. al., 2020, in their design, have not used any adjuvants26. Table 1 gives a detailed summary of the most recent in silico approaches in MEBPVCs against spike protein or multi-targets of SARS-CoV-2.

With increasing adoption, strong interdependence of structural biology and immunoinformatics, and with a trend for designing bigger and larger vaccines with sizes ranging from 10 to 100 kDa, the emphasis should be to utilize the protein structural biology knowledge for effective vaccine design. The opportunity for structure-based vaccine design leads to next-generation immunogen development30,31. In this article, we present a novel methodology to computationally design and validate MEBPVCs. This study indeed provided interesting insights that will help in developing novel MEBP specific design tools and also speedup and improve the current vaccine design methodologies and protocols which is not only the need of the hour but also a need for global preparedness for the future pandemics supporting novel platforms32.

The next biophysical property considered is solubility. Less soluble proteins are a major concern since the proteins synthesized may not fold to the right structure and hence lose the activity and function and are observed to precipitate out or form inclusion bodies leading to various disease states33. The solubility scores range from 0 to 1.0 where > 0.5 score indicates soluble and

In our MEBP variants disorder ranges between 0.15 to 0.16 and hence all variants are considered ordered. The MEBPVC sequence SPVC_357 has high disorder and SPVC_387 has low disorder among the variants. Low disorder is considered favorable for better vaccine design.

The current COVID-19 vaccines listed under EUL have respective advantages and disadvantages36. The major disadvantage of Pfizer/BioNtech Comirnaty vaccine is its stringent cold chain requirement though it has shown very good titers37. The adenovector-based vaccines show relatively less effective neutralizing antibody response38. Inactivated vaccines seem to show inferior immunogenicity and low T Cell response, though have shown lower adverse reactions39. Similar to inactivated vaccines, the protein subunit vaccines show low immunogenicity. However, the possible advantages and potential benefits attracted the pharma companies to invest in protein subunit platforms. More than 30% of the total COVID-19 vaccine candidates undergoing trials are protein subunit vaccines with 65% under preclinical trials. Peptide-based vaccines have many unique benefits such as (1) fully defined composition, (2) affordable large scale production, (3) stable in storage and freeze-dryable, (4) absence of biological contamination, (5) minimum allergic and autoimmune responses, (6) customizable multipurpose therapeutic, and (7) standard rDNA technology-based production and manufacturing protocols in place. MEBPVC has further advantages in designing multi-epitope, multi-target, multi-copy, multi-disease, and custom-size (molecular weight) vaccine constructs. The MEBP subunit vaccine platforms are in the initial phases of development. 350c69d7ab


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